Why Us?

Agriful was built in partnership with industry veterans to empower produce businesses to reduce manual data entry, simplify accounting, run more efficiently, and grow their margins.

A New Standard is Emerging

Modern produce companies are adopting technology to reduce produce waste, accelerate sales velocity, and provide end-to-end traceability while leveraging  data to increase profitability.

Fast and Seamless Order Management

  • Quickly onboard and upskill employees

  • Save time with intuitive interfaces

  • Automatically enter orders and send invoices

Customizable Real-Time Reports

  • Derive insight from key metrics to make data-driven decisions

  • Generate traceability reports to maintain compliance

  • Track live inventory across operations to increase efficiency

Mobile Tooling and Cloud-Based Software

  • Securely backup systems with encrypted data storage and reduce IT overhead

  • Work from anywhere with Mobile functionality

  • Share important information with vendors and customers

Why Now?

Outdated software has not kept up with the evolving Produce Industry.