Who We Are

Agriful was founded to be the modern platform for produce businesses.
Our Mission

We are on a mission to connect the produce industry.

Our Vision is to empower the global distribution of safe, healthy, and affordable produce.

Our Platform is web-based and lives in the cloud. There's nothing to install, zero server maintenance, and you can access it at anytime, from anywhere, on any device. We provide a clean and simple user interface, so you can focus on running your produce business, not the software.

We're Building a cloud-based ERP for Produce Brokers, Marketers, Packer-Shippers, and Distributors. Agriful streamlines complex order management, inventory control, produce accounting, and traceability workflows on an intuitive, modern platform enabling businesses to drive efficiency and increase profitability.

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Meet the Team

We're passionate about building an enduring solution for Produce businesses. We’re supported by deeply experienced advisors and industry experts.
Patrick Crowley
Founder and CEO
Deep Randhawa
Founder and CTO
Jaryt Bustard
Founding Engineer
Robert Pohlman
Founding Engineer
Matthew Amidon
Founding Engineer